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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation


SEO services – getting you seen by those that matter!

The definition given to Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing the visibility of a web site (or page) in the organic search results of a search engine.

The basis upon which this occurs is often altered by the search engine providers. New innovative and complicated ways are devised to filter through the growing directory that is the world wide web today. Increasing the results for your website is essential to succeed.

There are so many ways this can be achieved. Dotmasterz SEO Team offers all of these elements for your website maximising results and getting your online presence to where it needs to be.

How many of these terms have you heard people mention when discussing SEO? And do you know what they are?

  • Robot.txt
  • Title and Metatag
  • White Hat SEO
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Keywords
  • Analytics
  • Algorithms
  • Crosslinking
  • URL Normalisation
  • Google penalties
  • Backlinks
  • Web traffic
  • Contextual links

Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing are additional areas of these services, with paid advertising adding to the increase in search results.

All web sites that we design are ready for Search Engine Optimization. This service will ensure that you are found quicker and easier on the search engines. (Google, Yahoo, Msn etc.) We will assess your individual requirements before quoting you for this service, but our rates are very competitive Let Dotmasterz SEO experts take care of everything for you and get your website seen by your intended audience.

For more information about Search Engine Optimisation please contact one of our sales representatives or e-mail us on seo@dotmasterz.com

We can also offer SEO supporting Social Media services for maximising the reach of your website and growing your potential customer base.

Social Media


Social Media is an excellent marketing tool when used creatively and regularly. Sometimes this is not possible due to time constraints and employee shortages. Maybe the creative content required for this is not easy to find or for your company to create. Dotmasterz can offer you this service, creating a Facebook or Twitter presence for your business. Maybe you need a Google+ account but have no time to explore what it can do for your business. Current search engine processes count the number of times your website is accessed via external links and the higher this is, the higher your page can rank in the search results. Using your social media accounts and pages effectively can be a huge boost to your business growth.

We can also offer other media services to support your business activities such as Flickr accounts (which are an excellent replacement for a website gallery page) and other digital media services.

We offer set up packages for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter with the option to add other supporting media at any stage. Please ask for details of packages available

Operation Packages


Once your pages are set up and your accounts are operational, you can choose to have these accounts and pages operated on your company's behalf.

There are different packages to choose from depending on the frequency of update you choose for your accounts. The range from just a few updates each week to 5 or 6 updates per day. We can operate just one of your accounts or pages or we can operate them all, linking together with your website for optimal customer reach and business growth. Your SEO advisor will tell you how beneficial it is now to have regular links directing traffic from external media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ into different pages in your website.

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