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Content Services

Content Creation


Ok so you're a great salesman. But it's not easy to communicate this to your online customers.

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes, from a new perspective can tell you a great deal more than those that have been looking at and thinking about your company for some time.

Dotmasterz can offer you full website content creation from the first to the last page. We can provide product descriptions, online brochures and any other text that you may need to assist your project.

Our content creator can work with you to very quickly understand your business, its processes and its goals, and transfer these into the appropriate content for your company website.

You will need to provide very little in the way of input if you so wish, or you can take a more active part in this creation. It is up to you.

We can also provide content for single pages, one off projects, supporting documentation and more.

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We are now able to offer a proofreading service for all UK English and U.S English web pages.

The service includes preparation of a quotation and, upon instruction, full proofreading and correction of the entire website including links, headers and navigation. Why proofread?

You may be aware that it is no longer enough to have a great looking website, with eye catching visuals and innovative data capture add-ons and so on.

More and more, your customers are looking at the content of your pages. Not just about the products or services that you offer, they are looking at the standard of your text. The grammar of your translations. If you have previously had pages translated into English, the chances are they will contain many errors and passages of text that either do not make great sense, or read badly and do not flow.



We offer full translation services for your website. We can make a duplicate set of pages and have all of your content translated for you and entered into the new pages.

We currently offer the following languages;
Russian, French, English, Turkish and German.

Following the insertion of translated text, all pages are extensively checked for links, forms and otherwise hidden areas to ensure that all parts have been translated. The text will also be proofread before publishing.

Copy Editing


Dotmasterz offer all content related services. We can take your current website content and update this, add further content, rewrite your content to include more SEO keywords or simply make your content more reader friendly.

When you combine the services together we are able to make your website the very best it can be.

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