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Web Maintenance Packages


Website Maintenance – your website’s health plan

Dotmasterz now offer a full monthly maintenance package for all of our customers. We will check, fix and maintain your website’s health on an ongoing basis, preventing downtime and loss of business. Contact us to discuss a full maintenance schedule.

We already offer these small fixes of course, but we will no longer be able to do this on an ad-hoc basis. Consider this…..

If you ask any web design company what they receive most calls or emails for, they will tell you one of the following;

Links not working

Small information update eg change to telephone number or email address

Image not displaying correctly

Forgotten Log in/password

Additional email address request

Each of these things are of course essentially important to your business. All of your company contact information needs to be up to date and displayed correctly or your customers will not be able to reach you when they need your products or services. If a new employee starts or a new area of your business is identified, you will need an email address to support that change. If an image is not displaying correctly it could cost you a sale as your customer goes elsewhere. If you can’t log in to your CMS or admin panel, you can’t do your job!.....and lastly if a link within your site is broken your customer will not see the intended information and you risk looking unprofessional, or losing that customer to a competitor.

Your business can not afford to have these problems concerning the company website.

From Dotmasterz point of view we have completed literally hundreds of projects and we still maintain and host 99% of them. If every one of our customers called us with a small issue such as these in the same week we would have to stop trading as we would earn nothing.

Look after your business’ online health every month and receive regular free website improvement suggestions and advice for your business.

Think of us as your website’s doctor and advisor J.

Email Marketing


All companies have one thing in common – the need to attract customers. This is usually achieved by advertising in various ways. One of those ways is to contact customers directly. This requires that you have a direct contact method for each customer. We can collect the data necessary to create a growing database of contact information for potential customers.

Once your list is created we can create email marketing to send out to all of your customer base at the same time. If you already have a customer database we can import this into your system and continue to add to it, increasing your reach via email marketing.

Mailings can be scheduled in advance and they can be sent often or infrequently. They can include offers, news….in fact anything you want to engage your audience with. Whatever your business or its current position, we can tailor a system for you.

Animated Marketing Videos


Also known as explainer videos these are an amazing tool for selling your product or service. When a potential customer lands at your website, there is a short window of time, around 3 seconds, when they make the decision to stay and look closer or leave and go elsewhere.

If you can capture their attention, this window of time is extended and the decision to stay or to leave is delayed. If the animation is good then your company will have ‘sold’ your product or service to this new customer before they even complete their decision process.

Dotmasterz now offer this service to new and existing customers, working with you to plan and tailor-make the perfect animation for your business.

Talk to us today about how an Animated Explainer Video can boost your business turnover.

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